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Hanna Michel

Antarktis-Vortrag in Mettingen im Oktober // Upcoming lecture about Antarctica in my home town

Am 19.10. um 18 Uhr seid ihr herzlich zu meinem Vortrag über die Antarktis und ihre Tierwelt und mehr bei Draiflessen in Mettingen eingeladen. Mehr Infos gibts hier.

Wildlife in your own garden // Unsere Tierwelt im heimischen Garten

Not very exotic but not less fascinating and extremely important: our local wildlife. Very often we appreciate those things the least that we have right under our nose: Bees, bugs, butterflies, spiders & co. However, they are extremely important for us – for example as pollinators. Yet, they are not doing very well. Pesticides, habitat…

Australia’s Kimberley 2.0

EN: Back to the Kimberley! New places, new species, new experiences. On a wonderful boat tour on the Ord River, I finally got to see my first Freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni)! They’re quite a bit smaller and less notorious than their „big brother“, the saltwater crocodile. Even though like them, freshies are also tolerant to…

Wildlife of Australia’s Kimberley // Die Tierwelt von Australien’s Kimberley-Region

This summer, it was time for a change! Instead of working in the Polar Regions, I went to Australia (i. e. in the southern winter). The Kimberley region on the continent’s Northwest was one of the earliest settled parts but is still among the most remote wilderness areas on the planet. Let me show you…

Different climatic zone – different wildlife // Andere Klimazone – andere Tierwelt

EN: Encountering wildlife is always exciting, no matter how big or small. This year, I had the privilege to work in Australia’s Kimberley for the first time. However, the wildlife here can be scarce and shy. That makes the encounters even more exciting and special. Hunter River offers a wonderful mangrove habitat with a large…

Believe it or not: some animals are breathing through their butt // Kaum zu glauben, aber wahr: manche Tiere atmen durch ihr Hinterteil

Butt-breathing is a very little known ability of a small group of animals. It is more formally known as enteral respiration or cloacal respiration. It means that the gas exchange occurs in the posterior cavity of the enteral system. Typically this is not the major way for an animal to breathe. However, for some species…

Unexpected find when beachcombing // Unerwarteter Fund am Strand

This post was inspired by a find at a beach in Spain. You can find so many things when you keep your eyes open – in this case, a Black moray… or, well, at least a part of it (see first two pictures). Moray eels are probably not among the most popular group of animals.…