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Hanna Michel

Wildlife of Australia’s Kimberley // Die Tierwelt von Australien’s Kimberley-Region

This summer, it was time for a change! Instead of working in the Polar Regions, I went to Australia (i. e. in the southern winter). The Kimberley region on the continent’s Northwest was one of the earliest settled parts but is still among the most remote wilderness areas on the planet. Let me show you…

Have you ever found a „Mermaid’s purse“? // Hast Du schon einmal die „Handtasche einer Meerjungfrau“ gefunden?

What the hell is a Mermaid’s purse? That’s what – back in the days – the egg cases of sharks, rays, and chimaeras (all cartilaginous fish, Chondrichthyes) were called before people figured out what they were. They wash ashore during strong winds and rough seas, where they can be found by curious beachcombers. The egg…