Schlagwort: cetaceans

Hanna Michel

Marine Mammals: what do they really have in common? // Meeressäuger: was haben sie wirklich gemeinsam?

As of now, there are 132 different species of marine mammals in the world. These animals are lumbed together because of their life style but they don’t actually have a lot of things in common. Yes, they all are mammals. That means there are certain characteristics that all of them share with other mammals, marine…

That’s how cool Minke whales are! // So cool sind Zwergwale!

EN: In mid-July, I had one of the most special whale watching tours in a while thanks to two minke whales. Minke whales were hunted here in Iceland until very recently, so they can be pretty shy. On some occasions, though, they really show off their inquisitive nature. This video is just a short glimpse…