Schlagwort: Killer whales

Hanna Michel

Icelandic Killer Whales – New Publication! // Isländische Orcas – Neue Veröffentlichung!

EN: Happy Holidays, everyone! Awesome to have a new paper on Killer Whales published just before christmas. I was able to contribute photos for identification of a couple of individual killer whales when I was working as a guide and biologist on whale watching tours off the coast of Reykjavìk. Photo-identification was one of the…

Cultures in whale and dolphin societies? // Haben Wale und Delfine Kulturen?

In this article for Special Tours Iceland, I am focusing on what we have learned about the cultural lives of whales and dolphins. The better we study these animals, the more we realize that they are not that different from us. There are amazing examples of ingenious ideas of how to catch food and other…

Killer whale encounter in Faxaflói, Iceland // Begegnung mit Schwertwalen in der Faxabucht, Island

For the Special Tours Iceland website, I’ve put together some information about the Killer whales (Orcas) in Icelandic waters. The reason for this was our encounter with two Killer whales on one of our Whale watching tours in early June. Learn more about these two and other Orcas, not only in Iceland but in all…