Wildlife Biologist, Science Communicator, Guide, Lecturer

Hanna Michel

Killer whale encounter in Faxaflói, Iceland // Begegnung mit Schwertwalen in der Faxabucht, Island

For the Special Tours Iceland website, I’ve put together some information about the Killer whales (Orcas) in Icelandic waters. The reason for this was our encounter with two Killer whales on one of our Whale watching tours in early June. Learn more about these two and other Orcas, not only in Iceland but in all…

Encounter at eye level in Antarctica // Begegnung auf Augenhöhe in der Antarktis

EN: You know you got the right job when it doesn’t feel like work 🙂 I love this picture of a penguin approaching me carefully at the end of a landing on one of the South Shetland Islands. Generally, animals in Antarctica aren’t afraid of humans, as this curious Gentoo penguin demonstrates. We keep a…

Get to know the Adélie penguin! // Darf ich vorstellen: der Adeliepinguin!

The first little guy I would like to introduce you to is the one I have chosen as the “header” of the website: The Adélie penguin Pygoscelis adeliae. Like all penguins, Adélies are flightless birds that are perfectly adapted to life at sea. Over millions of years their wings have become flipper-like and allow them…